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Eliminate the worry of identity theft or clean up the mess left behind.

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Every 2 seconds there is a new victim

Identity Theft Monitoring & Resolution

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America – and you could fall victim and not even know it for months or even years. Identity thieves don’t care if you have a big nest egg, or no nest egg at all – as long as you have a social security number, you’re a target.


40 Million

Americans were victims of identity fraud in 2022*

$43 Billion

Total identity fraud losses in 2022*


Of identity fraud victims have yet to resolve their issue to their satisfaction a year later.±

*Javelin Research & Strategy, Identity Fraud Study, 2023
±Identity Theft Resource Center

Identity thieves use YOUR stolen data to make purchases, apply for loans or even setup utilities. It can even be sold on the dark web and purchased for fraudulent uses. But with the solutions provided by ID Resolve, we help minimize the risk of identity theft with technology that looks in places you can’t for suspicious use of your personal data, and get you help if you become a victim from certified professionals to save time, money and hassle.

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ID Resolve gives you two important options to defend against identity thieves.


ID Resolve helps you stop identity thieves in their tracks when they target your good name. Rest assured that our team of U.S. based resolution specialists will immediately spring into action at the first sign that your identity has been stolen.

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ID Resolve 360 gives you a more comprehensive level of protection with important monitoring services to help you avoid falling victim to identity thieves … while still giving you solid protection if identity thieves slip through your defenses.

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We are proud to partner with numerous national and regional partners and offer our services at exclusive discounts to members. Find out if your favorite organization is an ID Resolve partner.

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What Our Members are Saying

“You really worked your tail off thank you. You got everything straightened out. I really thank you.”

What Our Members are Saying

“I really appreciate all the time and trouble you went through to protect me from someone who was trying to scam me. I'm very glad I have ID Resolve.”

What Our Members are Saying

“So far I've been very impressed with the quality of service for ID Resolve.”

What Our Members are Saying

“I’m glad I called and spoke to you. You've been very thorough and inspired me to keep up on my monitoring and be better, thank you.”

What Our Members are Saying

“Very helpful, professional, courteous, and quickly helped me resolve my issue. She [Resolution Specialist] walked me through it and stayed on the line to make sure all was fixed before hanging up.”