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ID Resolve Customer Testimonials – Real Identity Theft Recovery Stories

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in America, and it can happen to anyone, anytime. Consider these stories of real-life victims and how they used ID Resolve’s identity theft resolution services to recover their money and peace of mind.

Real Stories

1. Tax Return Identity Theft

ID Resolve customer Andrew J. was shocked when his accountant notified him an identity thief had filed fraudulent state and federal tax returns in his name. Although his accountant had notified the IRS, Andrew was justifiably concerned that his other accounts might be in danger.

Andrew contacted ID Resolve, who quickly helped with identity recovery and protection services:

  • Immediately activated ongoing identity and credit monitoring to notify Andrew in case there were credit report changes or fraudulent uses of his personal information.
  • Placed a seven-year fraud alert on his account.
  • Filed an official complaint with the Federal Trade Commission to document the situation.
  • Initiated a five-year opt-out on pre-approved credit card offers in Andrew’s name to help avoid future issues.

These ID Resolve services totaled dozens of hours of work, all handled on Andrew’s behalf with absolutely no charge to him.

2. Bank Flags Account Fraud

ID Resolve customer Brenda S. wasn’t sure where to turn when her bank called to tell her someone had been making unauthorized withdrawals from her account. Although they were able to restore the money in her account, they couldn’t guarantee the identity thief had stopped targeting her.

Brenda called ID Resolve. Her identity theft recovery specialist knew what to do:

  • Provided Brenda’s current credit report to help her quickly identify whether any accounts had been fraudulently opened in her name.
  • Enrolled her in monitoring services with all three credit bureaus to alert her to any subsequent changes in her credit reports.
  • Placed a 90-day fraud alert requiring the credit bureaus to notify her if any new accounts were opened in her name.
  • Activated a five-year opt-out on pre-approved credit card offers.
  • Filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Each of these steps helped build an early warning system to ensure no one else tried to take money from Brenda’s accounts or open new accounts in her name. The result of these ID Resolve services was financial peace of mind that cost Brenda nothing.